Healing Prayer

Through the pages of the Bible, we can read incredible stories of healing. These stories aren’t simply a record of past events. God still heals today! The same power that raised Christ from the dead lives in us by the Holy Spirit. God calls us to healing: Matthew 10:8, James 5:14-16, Romans 12:2, Isaiah 61:1-3.

Healing prayer is a vital part of our lives as followers of Christ. We can receive and pray healing for physical, emotional, mental, generational, spiritual, and relational concerns. God is awesome!


To encourage you, here are some articles about healing prayer.


Book on inner healing

I Choose Life – Janet Lynn Eriksson

God is an amazing healer. When I asked Him for healing of an ovarian tumor that turned out to be cancerous, God did more than heal my physical body. He also healed me of fear, self-hatred, and generational death wish. The book I Choose Life is my testimony of God’s healing.

I Choose Life is available on Amazon.

Book on journaling with God

Renewing – Janet Lynn Eriksson

I was taught that one of the best ways to learn how to recognize and hear God’s voice is to journal with Him. So I did! Starting with Bible verses, I asked God questions about how to walk out my healing, and I wrote what I heard in response. These journal entries became the book Renewing, and I hope my journaling with God will inspire you to journal with Him as well.

Renewing is available on Amazon.

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