Intercessor Boot Camp

Intercessor Boot Camp

Do you feel called as an intercessor? Or do you think you might be called, but you’re not sure? Do you wonder how to navigate this amazing calling? If so, I would like to help.

God has gifted, raised up, and nurtured intercessors all over the world. He has placed us in families, jobs, schools, healing centers, media, entertainment, governments, missions … any place you can think of, God has intercessors. Many haven’t yet recognized their call to intercession. Some have, and they are curious as to “What’s next?”

I started the Intercessor Boot Camp to share whatever I can, to help you prepare, to encourage you, to help you connect with like-minded folks, to pray with you, and to help you step into and grow in your calling as an intercessor.

I hope what you read here will help you grow, and celebrate, and confirm your calling as an intercessor. When you have questions, feel free to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you!


I love to encourage and share experiences with intercessors. I regularly write articles especially for intercessors, to help you navigate this amazing journey of praying God’s heart. I hope you will be encouraged by reading these articles written for you as an intercessor.


I’m here to help. I have served as an intercessory leader within a church, a community, as well as regional and national apostolic ministries. I’ve been in the trenches of spiritual warfare and I have felt the absolute peace of God’s presence.

I’ve learned a lot, often the hard way, and I’m learning every day: how to live as an intercessor, how to step into this calling, how to pray for others and to care for yourself, for you are precious to God. I’ve discovered things we should do as intercessors, and what not to do. When to be silent, when to pray, when to speak.

I know how hard it can be to walk out this calling of intercession, and yet also how amazing it is. Who would trade the opportunity to listen to the heart of the King?

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