Prayer Challenges

Sometimes committing to a simple Prayer Challenge will help you grow in your daily prayer life.

On this page, you will discover several Prayer Challenges to help you get started. Feel free to create your own Prayer Challenges as well. There is no limit to the different ways we can engage in prayer, and the results will affect not only your life, but also the lives of those around you.


The Monthly Prayer Challenge is an opportunity for you to join together with other people who share your passion for prayer. Together each month, we can pray specifically for just one of the ways God desires to work in our communities. We can watch God’s kingdom come alive in our midst, and share what we see. 

Here each month, you will find a new Prayer Challenge that you are invited to pray. Be sure and comment below to share what God is doing in your community and to encourage others in their prayers. God bless!

JAN/FEB 2021 — Pray for the safety and hope of teens in your community. Thank you for your heart to pray for your community. God bless.


Do you have a prayer blog? Have you considered starting one? Perhaps you are blogging on a different subject and have found a way to incorporate prayer into your blog?

Blogs are an amazing way to speak prayers over the atmosphere of your city and nation. Your prayers also might be found by someone reading your blog, at just the right moment in that person’s life. If you are a prayer blogger, I would like to encourage you. Let me know about your prayer blog. I would love to read it!

You might enjoy these prayer prompts to help you get started in prayer writing and prayer blogging:

156 Prayer Writing Prompts – Janet Eriksson

Here you will find a new prayer blogging prompt each month:

JAN/FEB 2021 — Write a prayer for safety and hope for teens in your community. Thank you for your heart to pray and blog for your community. God bless.

I hope these will inspire ideas for prayer blogging.

P.S. A recent monthly prayer challenge inspired me to post on my blog a prayer for individuals and families living in poverty that our women’s group created several years ago. We need to keep praying it.


Are you ready to dive in deep and start an amazing conversation with God?

The Amazing Prayer Adventure is one way to start your journey!

Before you start your adventure, get warmed up with Conversation Starters with God.

Then, you might want to continue growing in prayer with 31 Days of Prayer Starters.

When you’re ready, you can dive into the 40-day Amazing Prayer Adventure and see where God takes you. The Amazing Prayer Adventure is available through my Prayer Classes.

Be sure and share what happens along the way, so other prayer adventurers will be encouraged!

God loves to talk with you and He has wonderful things in store for you on this Amazing Prayer Adventure.

Dive in!

A very big thank you to my friend and fellow intercessor, Karen Castleberry, for praying with me on the conversation starters and 40 days of prayer prompts that led to the Amazing Prayer Adventure. A prayer adventure comes alive even more when shared with others.