Bible Exploration

I love to explore God’s Word. Whether I’m reading a Bible verse for the day, which helps to get me focused in the right direction first thing, or whether I’m digging deeply into an Old or New Testament passage through inductive Bible study, or whether I’m praying or singing the scriptures, I am filled with joy, peace, and a continually growing wonder and awe of God. We are blessed with so many ways to engage with scripture. My desire in these pages is to encourage your exploration of God’s Word, in whatever ways you choose to explore.

Right now, I’m creating short lessons in inductive Bible study. I also have some mini Bible study pages that I created specifically for our jail church. In future, I hope to share more Bible studies, tools, and encouragement for your Bible exploration. You might also want to visit my resources of Biblical Languages for Beginners. I love bringing basic biblical Hebrew and Greek words into my exploration of God’s Word.

Inductive Bible Study

Jail Church Bible Studies

Biblical Languages for Beginners

And more to come!