Learn Biblical Hebrew

If you’re ready to start learning the Hebrew alphabet and some basic Hebrew words from the Bible, I offer a self-paced online video course created just for you: Beginning Words in Biblical Hebrew. (This link opens in a new window at the Adventures with God online school.)

The biblical scriptures are alive with God’s Spirit. When we seek God in His Word, He meets us there and reveals a deeper, richer meaning to the words we read. When you start to read from the Hebrew Bible, those words become even deeper and richer in ways that are difficult to capture in English.

I fell in love with Hebrew in seminary. I love how God walked me through learning the Hebrew alphabet, learning vocabulary from Bible stories, and digging deeper by looking up Hebrew words in the lexicon. The minute I began to explore biblical Hebrew, I knew I wanted to share it with others.

In this absolute beginner’s video course, you will learn how to read, write, and speak the Hebrew alphabet, 40 basic vocab words from the Bible, 4 short Bible verses and a blessing, and 8 names from the Bible. No prior experience is needed. Each lesson is taught by recorded video, and your course materials are available for download.

When you learn the Hebrew alphabet, you can already begin to read biblical Hebrew. I created this course to help you learn simple vocabulary from the Bible with your very first lesson. As you learn more of the alphabet, you will learn more words. And you will have the ability to look up any word in a lexicon. In the online classroom, you will be able to download supplemental material about using the lexicon.

This class will be a great foundation for a lifetime of exploring biblical Hebrew. If you are looking to grow with God and learn the very basics of biblical Hebrew, this is your chance. Come on in!

God bless you as you explore His Word in this beautiful and ancient language. Abide in God’s peace — Shalom.

Student Testimonial

“This was my first exposure to Hebrew. Janet was an excellent teacher and made learning Hebrew fun and easy to grasp. This is a great introductory class. I highly recommend it.” — Vicki

About Your Instructor — Janet Eriksson

All my life, I have loved learning languages, and I have studied and tutored other students in many languages. I fell in love with biblical Hebrew on a trip to Israel and couldn’t wait to study the language. I received my Master of Divinity degree at Asbury Theological Seminary, where I studied beginning biblical Hebrew as well as intermediate grammar and biblical translation through exegesis of Isaiah.

Through my classes at seminary and many hours translating Bible passages, I began to appreciate the richness of meaning these ancient Hebrew words bring to the biblical text. Reading a text in the original language does not change the truth of the text. It simply invites us deeper into that encounter with God, where we experience His love in new ways.

I encourage everyone who is interested to at least learn the basics: the Hebrew alphabet, a few common vocabulary words from the Bible, and an understanding of how to look up the meanings of words in a lexicon. College classes in biblical languages can be challenging. But learning the very basics of biblical languages does not have to be overwhelming.

The students I teach are individuals who want to learn some basic words from the Hebrew Old Testament and gain a richer sense of meaning from these Bible verses. I try to keep it simple and encouraging. It does take time, effort, and practice. But with even a few basics, you can enjoy your Bible experience in an amazing way. You can also add Hebrew words to your prayers. There is something about praying in a different language, especially this ancient biblical language that refocuses our attention on the One who loves us.

Curious about the biblical Hebrew alphabet? Learning the Biblical Hebrew Alphabet: The First Four Letters gives you a brief intro. Come see what it’s all about!

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