Jail Church Bible Studies

The following mini Bible studies were created for the women at our local county jail. For many years, I was privileged to be part of the weekly jail church. We worshiped, prayed together, and participated each week in a Bible lesson. The women also liked to do short Bible studies in their rooms, either individually or as a group, during the week. They were allowed one page, front and back, each week. That prompted the creation of these mini Bible studies.

If you know someone in jail or prison who would be blessed by receiving one of these mini Bible studies, or if you have a jail or prison ministry and could benefit by making copies and sharing, you are welcome to download, print, and share these PDFs, provided the original copyright remains intact and nothing is altered in these documents. Because these mini Bible studies were created especially for individuals who are in jail or prison, I ask that you please limit the distribution of these documents only for individuals in jail or prison. Thank you. More Bible studies for jail and prison will be added here in future. God bless!