My Travel Adventures

I’ve been blessed to travel, live, serve, and teach overseas. In the midst of those adventures, God has always shown up. Some events were extraordinary, and in hindsight I can see how God was there nudging and protecting me, and whispering His wisdom (some of which I ignored at the time). But many of my favorite memories are of ordinary moments, just enjoying life. God was present through all of that. I could see His love in the people He surrounded me with, and I still think of those people often. I know God was with us as we enjoyed life together.

Lately, my friends have encouraged me to write some of what I remember from being overseas. I’ll be adding these reflections to my blog as I recall those moments. I hope to encourage a younger generation of folks who feel led to venture to other countries, whether for a week, a year, or a longer season. Also, with so many difficult events that make news headlines, it might be refreshing to remember that most of the time, just ordinary life is going on, with people who are extraordinary because God created them. Mostly, these stories are my way of thanking God for the wonderful adventures and friendships He has blessed me with.

I hope you will enjoy the experience of reading these reflections and remembering how amazing God is, that He created this wonderful world and the beautiful hearts that live in it.

Travel Adventure Stories on My Blog