My Travel Adventures With God

I don’t consider myself historical (hysterical, maybe). But I have enjoyed the privilege of traveling and living in different parts of the world at unique moments in history. The older I get, the more historical those moments become. Along the way, I have met amazing, unforgettable people. I have lots of memories from those experiences (from the pre-blogging era), so I am starting to share those adventures here in my blog. I will add them as they come to mind, hoping to enjoy the memories and to inspire and encourage those of you who have your heart set on traveling near and far.

If you feel called to travel and live in various places, blog as you go. Share your experiences. Your amazing encounter (even a seemingly ordinary one) with someone on the other side of the world might be another person’s only glimpse into that place and time. And the moments you experience today will one day be history for someone younger than you. I would give just about anything if I could read a journal from my grandma or great grandma, or even my mom. I would treasure it. But none such exists. So record your journeys and share them with others. God bless.

Articles on My Travel Adventures