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As a former church staff member who created and encouraged ministry opportunities and taught classes, I know the challenges faced by pastors, lay leaders, small group facilitators, and volunteers to come up with fresh content to engage folks in spiritual growth. I’d love to help.

I create resources and also consult and teach workshops in the areas of prayer, Christian writing, Inductive Bible Study, and basic words of Biblical Hebrew and Biblical Greek for beginners.

My training comes from Asbury Theological Seminary (M Div), Kerri Johnson Ministries internship, years as a church staffer and volunteer focused on serving folks in the community, and most importantly, inviting God’s daily transformation and walking this ongoing journey with Him.

I invite you to explore Adventures with God’s resources to see how these might help:

Free Resources


Online Courses

Blog Articles

Seeking study materials for your small group? The links above will help you find articles, free PDFs, books, and self-paced online classes for your small group.

Looking to start a ministry of intercessory prayer? I encourage you to start with my book, It Takes a Spark. I also offer consulting and workshops through Kerri Johnson Ministries.

Want to encourage your congregation to create a seasonal devotional booklet? I can offer an online workshop tailored to your organization’s specific needs. I’ve enjoyed offering these workshops for a church congregation for several years and also for community ministries. I also teach an online course on devotional writing.

Are you a busy pastor who wants to write a book, but not sure how to move forward? I offer book editing, formatting, and consulting.

Interested in growing a ministry of inner healing and transformation in your church and community? I serve on the team at Kerri Johnson Ministries, and we would love to help you.

Looking for someone who can transcribe the audio/video recordings from your conferences, teachings, sermons, testimonies, podcasts, interviews? I offer transcription services especially for ministries. I can also help you turn your transcripts into blog posts and books.

Please contact me to let me know what resources you are seeking. If I don’t already offer them, I might be able to create them.