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Welcome to Adventures with God, a place for growth and transformation through deeper spiritual exploration and practices.

My Blog

If you would like to get a sense of the adventures in store for you, I recommend that you begin with my Blog. Each blog post is a mini lesson or word of encouragement as you move deeper into your adventures with God.

I cover several topics in the blog, so you will find articles ranging from Prayer and Intercession, Inner Healing, Christian Writing, Inductive Bible Study, Biblical Languages, and My Travel Adventures.

If you are interested in one of those areas, you can search my Blog by category (scroll to the very bottom of this page, and you’ll see the category search box). Or you can visit the page that highlights your topic, and you’ll find a link there to all my articles on that topic.

Online Courses

If you are ready to dive straight into your adventures with God, I invite you to explore my Online Courses. You will find self-paced, online courses in Prayer & Intercession, Christian Writing, and Biblical Languages. Each class and/or subscription includes access to a private Facebook group for discussion and fellowship with other students. Soon, I will add online courses in Inductive Bible Study. For now, you will find free lessons in Inductive Bible Study on my blog.

Books & E-Books

On my Bookshelf, you will find my books and e-books (published on Amazon) to guide you along your adventures with God. I am always writing a new book or e-book, so please bookmark that page to stay updated.

Free Resources

As I create new online courses and write new books, I try to develop helpful free PDF resources that make it easy for individuals, families, and small groups to explore those topics more in depth.

Reflections Christian Online Magazine

I love to encourage and help new writers. I also enjoy publishing written pieces that remind readers how much God loves them. Through Reflections Christian online magazine, I have the privilege to do both. I offer to publish new Christian writers (and seasoned writers too) in a free online publication designed to inspire and encourage readers in their daily Christian life. Visit the Reflections page to learn more.

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If you have questions about Adventures with God or would like to share about your own explorations with God, please feel free to contact me. I would enjoy hearing from you. God bless! Janet Eriksson