Transcription Services

In ministry, you have many opportunities to share good news. Often your message is given live and recorded, or shared online through audio or video. It helps to have a transcriptionist, who specializes in transcribing for churches and ministries to capture your words as written text.

Whether you’re preaching, teaching, interviewing, creating a podcast, offering webinars, recording testimonies, republishing archived recordings from years past, or capturing your thoughts for an article or book, it helps to have a written text copy along with your audio or video. 

Written copy is easier and faster for you to review and organize. A text copy can also be used for your listeners to follow along, for website optimization, or to create additional material like articles or books.

A transcriptionist can listen to your audio/video and capture your words accurately in a written format. 

Are you looking for a professional transcriptionist, who is also experienced in Christian ministry? You’ve come to the right place. I’m an independent contractor who transcribes for churches, ministries, and the audio/video professionals who serve ministries.


Here’s what you get when you hire me to transcribe your church or ministry audio/video recordings:

*Experienced, accurate transcriptionist, who transcribes daily and is ranked in the top tier of a prominent transcription service, for whom I have completed to date 1,042 transcription projects totaling 52,959 audio/video minutes. 

*Seasoned professional writer, editor, and native English (American English) speaker, who understands language and grammar and will follow your style sheet and preferred format. It is important that transcription captures words and phrases exactly as spoken, so I do not edit the transcript, other than removing filler words, stutters, and false starts for improved readability. However, my experience as a writer and editor contributes to my accuracy in capturing exactly what is spoken, phrasing, where sentences start and end, vocabulary, etc. 

*A Christian who cares about your listeners, readers and your material, and who will pray over your audio/video and transcript. 

*Asbury Theological Seminary graduate (M Div) who understands the specific terms you use. 

*Current community ministry advisor and previous church staff member, who has worked with ministries and churches in many capacities since 2008, and who will uphold confidentiality; willing to sign NDA.

*A live human (not a bot); you can talk with me and give me specific instructions. 

*Transcriptionist who works with clients one-on-one, offering more effective communication than an online transcription service and costing you less. 


We will start out with a phone consult, so I can learn about your specific needs and you can ask me your questions.

I will ask what type of audio/video files you use. I can accept most standard audio and video formats.

I will ask you for a sample audio/video excerpt, so I can check the quality and let you know if transcription is feasible. I am willing to sign an NDA prior to receiving your excerpt.

If we decide to work together, I am willing to sign an NDA regarding the confidentiality of your transcriptions. Please note that as a Christian author and teacher myself, I can only sign an NDA that encompasses your specific proprietary information and copyright, not Christian and biblical concepts and teaching more broadly.

To secure my time for your project, I will ask for a 50% deposit up front via my invoice, which I will send via PayPal.

I will invite you to send me your audio or video file via Dropbox. 

I will ask that you include any style sheet and spelling of proper names used in the recording. While this is optional for you, it ensures a better output. If you don’t have a style sheet, I have a simple form you can fill out.

When I receive your file, I will type an accurate transcript for you. 

If questions come up as I am typing your transcript, I will ask you. 

If a word or phrase is inaudible, I will timestamp “inaudible” in your transcript. I keep these to a minimum and work very hard to hear what is being said. If two or more speakers are talking over each other, I will do my best to separate their phrases. If that is not possible, I will timestamp ”crosstalk.”

If I am unsure about the spelling of a proper name, and if that spelling has not been provided, I will timestamp the name with my best guess at spelling, and will use that spelling through the transcript, making it easy to find and replace later. If I run into this too often, I will ask you about the name spellings. 

If I discover that the overall audio/video quality is not as clear as the excerpt I reviewed, I will let you know. We can proceed one of two ways: 1. I can return your file and your deposit, minus the online transaction fee. 2. If I think I can provide a reasonably clean transcript, I will quote a surcharge fee, based on the extra time it will take to complete the project. You will then have the choice to continue or to follow the first option.

When I complete your transcript, I will send it to you along with an invoice for the balance. I will also delete your audio/video file from my Dropbox and from my download folder.

I will invite you to give me feedback, so I can tailor future projects to your needs.

As a transcriptionist, I am also a beta listener for you. I will be able to tell you of any difficulties in hearing your audio/video, which might be helpful to know before your next recording. 

If you’d like to get started, I invite you to contact me for your free phone consult. 


I do not provide voice-to-text software. I type each transcription myself, by listening directly to your audio or video.

However, if you use your own voice-to-text software and need the transcript cleaned up, I offer that service as well. I will listen to your audio/video file, while following along on your electronic transcript and making the needed corrections. 


Your initial phone consult and review of your excerpt is free.

If we decide to work together, I will type a clean and accurate transcript of your audio or video file for 85 cents per audio minute. 

The surcharge for an audio or video file that is difficult to hear can range from 20 to 40 cents per audio minute. (If I don’t think I can offer reasonably clear results, I will return the file along with your deposit, minus the online transaction fee.)

If you opt to use your own voice-to-text software and would like for me to listen and clean up your electronic transcript, the fee is 60 cents per audio minute. (If the text is too unworkable, I will recommend that you have it retyped from scratch, a service I can offer for 85 cents per audio minute; or I will return the files and your deposit, minus the online transaction fee.)


Please contact me today to schedule your free phone consult if you would like to get started. 

God bless,

Janet Eriksson