Inductive Bible Study


Inductive Bible Study: An Overview

Ever Notice All the Opposites in the Bible? (Learning to Recognize “Contrasts” in Inductive Bible Study)

God Loves those Turning Points (The “Pivot” Structure in Inductive Bible Study)

Bookends in Bible Stories (Looking at “Inclusio” through Inductive Bible Study)

A Story within a Story (Learning about “Intercalation” in Inductive Bible Study)

Why Did the Fishermen Leave Their Nets? Part 1 (Learning Simple Observation in Inductive Bible Study)

Why Did the Fishermen Leave Their Nets? Part 2 (Asking the Right Questions in Inductive Bible Study)

Jesus Is Moved with Compassion (Observation and Inference in Inductive Bible Study)

Bible Meditation on Psalm 19: Preparing for Inductive Bible Study

God Is the Solution (“Problem-Solution” in Inductive Bible Study)

Zooming in on God’s Peace (A Review of “Contrast” in Inductive Bible Study)

10 Things Moses Has Taught Me about Intercession

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When I took my first Inductive Bible Study required course at Asbury Theological Seminary in 2015, I thought I would never get through the class. It seemed overwhelming. But I followed my professor’s encouragement to keep pressing on. About halfway through that first course, something clicked. The whole Bible came alive for me in ways I had never experienced.

From that moment on, I couldn’t get enough. I went on to take my second required course, and then took two more Inductive Bible Study courses as electives, earning a Robert A. Traina Inductive Bible Study scholarship in the process. The focus of those courses ranged from Matthew and Mark to the Psalms and the Pentateuch. I can easily see working on Inductive Bible Study for the rest of my life.

Because I have loved this experience, I want to share it with you. I will be blogging about Inductive Bible Study on these pages, writing e-books, and creating online courses. Just as with Biblical Languages, my goal with Inductive Bible Study is to keep things simple. Inductive Bible Study is an in-depth process that takes time and is worth savoring. But it doesn’t need to be complicated.

That’s what I hope to share with you on these pages. I can point you to some stepping stones as you move through this process. But your ultimate guide on this adventure will be the Holy Spirit who will bring the biblical text to life for you.

An Overview

Here is an overview of my articles on Inductive Bible Study:

Inductive Bible Study: An Overview – This article is a great starting place with a general overview of Inductive Bible Study.

Articles on Inductive Bible Study – This link will take you to all my articles on Inductive Bible Study. You can find new articles at the top of that page as I write them.

Stay Present with the Holy Spirit

Inductive Bible Study is not meant to be a left-brained process. It is meant to be led by the Holy Spirit, who opens your heart to really see deeply into the biblical text. However, if you’re not careful (and especially if you have an analytical mind), it can turn into a left-brained process. To help you stay centered in your spirit – and open to the Holy Spirit – as you do Inductive Bible Study, I recommend that you begin with (and return often to) Centering Prayer and Lectio Divina.

If you have a heart to search the scriptures under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and if you are willing to surrender to Him through that process, you will come to love Inductive Bible Study. Don’t be overwhelmed (as I was) when starting out. Learn one piece at a time, and savor that experience. Don’t be in a rush. Just enjoy this exploration with God.

May God bless your time in His presence and in His Word.