Aren’t They Beautiful

At our harp and bowl worship service on April 26, I “saw” this and it was beautiful and I wrote it down on a bulletin at the time and just wanted to share it:

I saw the Lord standing on a hillside covered with flowers as far as the eye could see, flowers of all sizes and colors. Some were open and free, others were tangled and cluttered and struggling to find the sun, but each one was exquisite, magnificent, a beautiful creation, and the fragrance was intoxicating.

He caressed each flower as He moved among them, smiling tenderly. He knew what each one needed. He was bringing each one to perfection.

He looked up at me and smiled, his eyes glistening with love deeper than the deepest river, and He passed his hands over the hillside, and each flower responded to Him.

“Isn’t My garden beautiful?” He said. “Aren’t they beautiful?”