God Talks to Spiders

I had this God encounter with a spider a few weeks ago and meant to share it. I told some folks about it but never got around to writing it here. Between moving (twice in two weeks) and an emotional meltdown that preceded a prayer ministry session that involved a lot of repentance against unloving spirit and spirit of fear (particularly fear of man) — why does our flesh always know when a breakthrough is coming; my flesh seems to know before I do — and nursing an injured knee and going on a mission trip to Guatemala … somehow this never got written. So, here it is:

The school year at Eagle Ranch had just ended, and I was going through a lot of emotional upheaval in my own life – it was God’s grace that kept all of this from manifesting until the school year ended, so I could enjoy that last wonderful week with all the student graduation ceremonies. I was driving to the Ranch for the first day of post-planning, and I was in a mood where I just couldn’t take any more trauma. Does the death of an insect on the highway count as trauma? In the mood I was in, most definitely.

Traffic had slowed because of construction, and we were inching along on the highway. I was listening to praise music and attempting to find peace. I saw this daddy longlegs inching across my windshield. Its body was white, and its legs were white with black bands. I’ve never seen one like it. I don’t know where it came from, but I realized that once traffic started moving at normal speed, this critter would go flying off the windshield and be crushed on the highway.

“Lord, I can’t take that today. I just can’t take any death of any critter today. I can’t handle it, Lord. Please don’t let this critter be killed. Please, God, lift it up off my windshield and have one of Your angels carry it to safety.”

I felt like God was prompting me to be available as an answer to my own prayer. Slowly I lowered the window next to me. As if the Lord had spoken to it, the daddy longlegs started walking toward the window. Was I prepared to let the spider come inside the car to safety? Would I be safe?

As the spider moved inside the car, I felt a sense of peace. I couldn’t quite believe I was letting a spider into my car – who knows where it would go! – but as I rolled up the window I thought, “At least it won’t die on the highway. Thank You, Lord, for getting it to safety.”

Now what? I reached into the glove compartment and pulled out a notepad. I coaxed the spider onto the notepad and transferred it to the middle of the dash. The spider stepped off the notepad and moved down the dash to the top of the glove compartment.

“Lord, I don’t need this spider running around the inside of my car, biting me, doing something crazy, distracting me from the highway traffic.” We had started to move again. “Lord, You created this spider. It knows that You are its Creator. You can talk to it – I know You can. Please, Lord, talk to the spider and tell it to hold perfectly still until I get to Eagle Ranch. Then I’ll let it out in the woods.”

Do you know – that spider didn’t budge for the next 20 minutes of driving to the Ranch! It just sat there on the edge of the dashboard. Didn’t so much as blink!

When I got to Eagle Ranch, I grabbed the notepad and asked the Lord to tell the spider to climb on, which it did. I told it to hang on as I took it to the edge of the woods and let it go.

No one can tell me God doesn’t talk to spiders … I know He can talk to any critter; He is their Creator.

When I was in Guatemala last week, the dog that lives at the ministry house started biting a couple kids. He wasn’t rough with them, and he doesn’t have rabies or anything, but he scared them. I prayed for God to talk to that dog and ask him to stop biting the children. I prayed on the faith that I know God talked to the spider in my car. I know He will talk to the dog, and I know everything will be fine.

God is so cool.