First Planting

Spring Meditation

Bible Verse

“Through the LORD’s mercies we are not consumed, because His compassions fail not. They are new every morning; great is Your faithfulness.” (Lamentations 3:22-23)


I had come through the hardest trial of my life. Uprooted overnight, I watched the New York City skyline fade in the rearview mirror. Hours later I arrived in north Georgia. I was scared to put down roots. The echoes of trauma and abuse kept me awake at night.

Then a friend coaxed me on a journey to the garden department of Home Depot. A sea of color, fragrance, and shapes stretched before me. It was a gift I had not known since I was a child: a chance to wander and breathe in the goodness of spring, and to smile with delight.

Such joy bubbled up inside me later that afternoon, as I ran my fingers through the warm dirt, as I gently, lovingly placed my new garden family in a variety of pots. Hostas, vine tomatoes, and a little clump of border greens that I put in its own pot, just because it said, “Life” to me. The first planting of spring. The first planting of my new life.


God, thank You that the first planting of spring reminds us that Your mercies are new every morning, and that new life awaits us on the other side of trial – here on earth and in our eternity with You. In Jesus’ name. Amen.


Has God recently shown you that His mercies are new every morning? How has He shown this to you?

What does the first planting of spring mean to you?

Do you have a favorite spring flower? What is it? Why do you love it?


Go to a garden center or to your own backyard and look for a flower you have never noticed before. Look closely. Do you see God in that flower? What can you learn about God from that flower?


There is nothing quite like the feel of potting soil between your fingers. The soft earth, rich in nutrients, the promise of new life. How wonderful for each plant to take hold, to dig deep, to draw water and sunlight, to spread its green stems and leaves, and to blossom into the beauty God created it to be.


In a journal or notebook, share your thoughts in a letter to God about what the first planting of spring means to you. Listen for His response and write what you hear.

God’s Invitation to You

God’s message to you: Do you know that My mercies are new for you each morning? Every day when you wake up, and all day long, you can receive from Me all that I have in store for you. Will you open your heart to receive the fullness of each moment with Me?

Your Response to God

God, thank You that Your mercies are new every morning. Please help me open my heart to receive from You. God, forgive me for [tell God what you would like forgiveness for, and know that He will forgive you]. God, thank You for [tell God the things you’re thankful for today]. In Jesus’ name. God, I need You. Please help me with [tell God how you would like for Him to work in your heart and life today]. Amen

Sensing God’s Presence

Where do you sense God’s presence in the first planting of spring?

I sense God’s presence in the earthworms He created to enrich the soil.

I sense God’s presence in the invisible nutrients that cause plants to grow.

I sense God’s presence in the riot of color in the garden shop at Home Depot.

Share with God some examples of where you sense His presence in the first planting of spring.

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