Live with God Today

Recently I heard a friend say that we are to live each day with God, to be fully present in this day, and not to worry about the past or about the future. Our worry of the past does no good, because we aren’t living in the past. Our worry of the future does no good, because we aren’t living in the future. We are living in today. Our worry robs us of today. For me, this was an enlightening view of Matthew 6:34.

I’ve wasted too much of my life worrying. Now I realize how much of the present – and of abiding in God’s presence – I have missed. I wonder how many “nows” I’ve really had with God, or was it all time spent worrying about everything outside of “now” with Him? Worry has robbed me of joy. It’s robbed me of peace. It’s robbed me of the fullness of life. It’s robbed me of dwelling in the presence of God.

I realized too that when we give up our “right” to worry, when we submit to living in the moment with God, He is able to fill us up with so many things to where the things we worry about will no longer be relevant. (Such as might have happened with the rental home I blogged about earlier today.)

When we live in the present moment with God, the fullness of heaven resides with us, and we are forever changed. That means the power of the past is changed, by the power of the Cross as we allow it to work in our hearts … and our worries (and perspective) of the future are also changed, as we embrace the fullness of God’s transforming presence with us right now.