Keep Everything in Place

I was rearranging books and magazines on the antique school desk that sits behind my couch. At the end of the desk are my devotional magazines and Bible. Sometimes I use the Bible with the magazines, but other times I read the Bible or the magazines separately. I wanted to separate them but didn’t have much room. I figured out if I turned them sideways, I could stack the magazines next to the Bible. The desk top is slanted, though. I was afraid the magazines would slide onto the floor, back into the corner of the living room where they would be hard to reach. I brought the magazines to the front and placed the Bible behind them. It’s big and heavy enough that it won’t slide off, and the leather cover has good traction. I passively made a comment to myself: “I’ll put the Bible here. It will hold everything in place.” Then it hit me how true that is: the Bible, the Word of God, does hold everything in place. Granted, it’s not the book itself, but the God who speaks His Word to us, who holds everything in place. But His Word is the foundation of our lives. If we take His Word into our hearts and live it each day, we will be rooted in His solid foundation. Thank You, God, for this reminder of the power of Your Word that’s available to us every day, and of Your desire that we be firmly rooted in You.