For the Love of God

I’ve been reading the book For the Love of God by Justo L. and Catherine Gunsalus Gonzalez. This book is about the Epistles of John. It is dense reading (at least to me) and takes time to wind through it. However, the authors have offered some interesting insights, particularly the contemplation of the absolute perfection in unity and community (simultaneously) of the Triune God … and our invitation to begin to approach this in unity and community within the Body of Christ. There have been some gems like that in the book that have made it worth sticking it out through all the analysis. One statement that I’d like to ponder is found on page 89: “Love requires the freedom to be oneself, to express one’s preferences and opinions, and then to be ready to accept the other’s responses to such expressions.” I would love to know what you think of that. Any thoughts?

Have a great Sunday, and I look forward to catching up with you on Monday!