The Generational Experiment

I grew up trying to escape my family. Anything to be someone else, somewhere else.

Fast forward almost 48 years … My greatest passion is generational healing through Christ. And that starts with my own family.

I’ve just embarked on a “generational experiment,” praying through my family’s history. I have no idea what I will discover but I’m excited.

One of the biggest obstacles to generational healing is unforgiveness. After an hour of searching through family records, I’ve discovered unforgiveness I didn’t know I carried.

I can’t wait to see what else is revealed in my heart, and what changes will occur through prayer, as I venture deep into my ancestral lines.

I look forward to the blessings that will grow from this adventure; the people I will meet along the way; and the cool things I will discover about people I never met, but who have shaped my life in more ways than I might ever know.

Let the journey begin.