God Stopped the Curse

In researching my dad’s side of the family tree, I discovered my 2nd great grandfather was a Civil War soldier. I never knew that.

In prayer ministry and in traveling around the Southeast, I’ve experienced visions of pain and fire and death. At the leading of Christ, I’ve prayed to close the generational doors. I had no idea these things came from the pain of one man during the Civil War. Wow.

He died early – not in battle, but I can only imagine the pain that affected his life every day after the war. His son died prematurely too, as did his son’s kids, and my dad … and I almost did as well.

A generational curse goes to the 4th generation (Exodus 20:5), and can recycle from there if it’s not stopped. The longer a curse stays with the family, the more likely the enemy will come and dwell. The only one who can stop a generational curse is Jesus Christ. No one else has that power.

Thanks to the power of Christ, the curse stopped with me, and I lived to give the testimony.

You might ask why did the curse have to travel this far to be stopped? Why me? Those are certainly questions God can handle. And I’ve asked them. Here’s what I believe He showed me. The real question is not, “Why did it take so long?” but rather, “God, what were You doing during this time? What angels were You sending, what mountains were You moving, what demons were You slaying in order to bring healing before it wiped out the family line completely?” It’s not “too late” that the curse came all the way to the 4th generation. It’s a miracle that He stopped it then. That He led me in prayer in time for me NOT to die prematurely. And the curse is broken.

This curse of premature death wasn’t just on my dad’s side. It was on my mom’s side too. I knew about that, and had dealt with it in prayer. But then I discovered dad’s side. That’s a double-bind from the enemy. It had a stranglehold on my life until I invited Christ to break the power of the curse  – not just for me but for the generations of my family to live in freedom and full life.

Here’s what the curse on my dad’s side looked like:

2nd Great Grandfather

Fought in Civil War age 42-45

Died age 63

His Son

Died age 46 (killed in a freak accident by a wild hog; come on, that’s just weird)

3 of Son’s Children

Died age 4, age 22, age 26

My Dad

Died age 66

Janet – Cancer age 42 – Four generations – THANK GOD FOR JESUS!!!

If you’d like to learn more about how the Lord intervened to break the curse and heal me from cancer, my book I Choose Life tells the story. Go God!!!