God’s Love Heals

You are loved.

You are valuable and valued.

God loves you.

He wants to be around you.

He’s personal enough to see you.

His love is refreshing.


He heals because He loves you.

God answers prayers.

You’re important to Him.

He hears the cry of your heart.

You’re the apple of His eye***.

He moves mountains for you.

God pursues you with His love.

He never quits.

He sings and dances over you.

He is persistent.

God heals because He loves you.

His love heals.

God’s love for you will never end.

Come to the river of healing waters … let God’s love overwhelm you.


— In March 2014, the prayer team of Healing Rooms of Dahlonega, Georgia spent the day in prayer, asking God for His vision for healing in the new season. Through our sharing of these visions, we created the above message for you. God, your Healer, loves you with an everlasting love.