Learning to Pray: Second Step

How was your first week of talking with God? Let’s take another step and deepen the conversation just a bit.

Today, set aside five minutes to talk with God. If it’s early morning, tell Him what you’re looking forward to today. If it’s afternoon, tell Him what’s been good about your day so far. If you’re having a tough day, don’t worry. He gets it! But try and find one thing that’s been good, even if the only good thing is this five minutes of talking with Him. If it’s evening, what was the highlight of your day, even if all you can muster is, “It’s over.”

One of the great things about sharing in conversation with friends is the way they can help you celebrate the good things, even in bad times. And in good times, they love to share your joy!

God is the same way. He knows our pain, and He is right there with us in our struggles. We’ll talk more about that soon – praying through our pain. But for right now, it’s important that we also know God is there as a friend who can cheer us up on a bad day, and celebrate with us on a good day.

So spend that five minutes today telling Him something good about your day – or about your hopes for the day to come.

Then sit quietly while He answers. If you don’t hear His answer, don’t worry. He is responding, and He is telling you how much He loves you. The more you can sit like this with Him, and let Him respond, the more your heart will change. You will begin to feel His promptings, and come to know His love toward you in a deeper way.

Try this every day this week: five minutes sharing the best thing that happened, or the thing you most hope for your day. Sit quietly and allow Him to respond.