Prayers for the Fluffies

I had the amazing privilege to pray trauma off a sweet dog in the park last night who had lost his mate. He was shaking and very upset. The owner and the dog allowed me to place my hands on him and pray.

I love to pray for animals. I used to pet sit and one of my favorite things to do was pray over the pets throughout the day. Sometimes the pet had separation anxiety, or sometimes the pet was burden bearing a difficult situation for the family, or grieving. In other situations the pets’ humans asked me to pray something specific regarding the pet’s health and behavior.

It’s a blessing to pray for animals and we need to remember to do this. Animals receive prayer so easily. They respond really well to God and don’t resist Him like we sometimes do.

When I place my hands on them to pray, the first thing I do is ask Lord Jesus, the Prince of Peace to come and sit with them and talk to them. That’s often all it takes before they become incredibly calm and happy.

I then invite Him to show them His love and to fill them to overflowing with His presence and peace. If there’s trauma I invite Him to lift it and replace it with peace. If there’s grief I invite His comfort and peace. Where there is illness I invite His peace. When the pet is out of sorts, I invite Jesus to speak peace just as He calmed the raging sea. If the pet is bearing burdens for the family, I invite Jesus to thank the pet for loving the family, but then I ask Jesus to tell the pet to give the burdens to Him and let Him carry the family.

Mostly I just hold still and surrender myself as a vessel to the Lord to flow through in peace. The animal will often relax, sit down, roll over, responding to the presence of Christ, just as the sweet dog did last night.

Every day it’s the greatest privilege of my life to pray for people. But it’s also an incredible privilege to pray for their animal companions. God created the animals. They know Him and respond to His voice.

Let’s remember the power of prayer for our pets.