Doggy Heart

I love praying for animals. I have seen God move in response to healing prayer requests for animals. Like the horse who was struggling with an illness. The owner brought a photo of the horse to our healing prayer/worship service one evening. We prayed over the photo. The owner went home to find the horse frolicking around the pasture, completely healed.

I’ve also prayed trauma, grief, and excess burdens off of people’s pets when I house sit. I always ask permission to pray, to be sure I have proper authority and don’t undermine the free will of the pets’ owners. Often I am called to house sit during times when owners have to leave for family crises. Animals sense our grief and they often try and carry our burdens. This weighs them down, just as it does with us. Just as we would pray for Jesus to come and lift burdens from a person, we can pray the same with an animal.

I often sit with the animals, telling them they don’t need to carry these burdens, and inviting Jesus to show them His presence and His love. I assure them Jesus is taking very good care of their owners, and I pray for them to receive His peace. It is amazing to watch as an animal practically melts in response to these prayers. They carry so much in their little bodies that we don’t realize.

I’ve also prayed over rescued animals who had been previously abused – I’ve prayed off trauma and fear, and watched them turn around and step out of fear. I’ve also prayed for a dog who lost his mate and was weighed down by grief. His owner reported that after our time of prayer, he was renewed to his old lively self.

Recently, I was praying with an animal who was struggling with behavioral issues. I wasn’t seeing any change, so I did what I would do in prayers for inner healing for people. I asked God to show me this doggy’s heart – his real identity. I saw an image of a dog running and romping outside in the moonlight. It was nighttime, so we went outside and played for an hour. We ran back and forth all over the yard. I watched as his whole countenance was transformed. The Lord had shown me the doggy’s little heart, and I had honored it. His behavior changed after that. He still had ups and downs. But I responded by praying over him his true identity and reminding him of the beautiful doggy heart God had given him.

Don’t hesitate to pray for your pets. They live in this world with us, under the curse of sin, and they are affected by the enemy’s tactics just as we are. Romans 8:19-22 reminds us that all of God’s creatures are affected by the curse, as well as by God’s redemption and restoration plan.

Our pets are often sensitive burden bearers who carry a lot of our angst. Pray over them. Remind them of how much God loves them. Speak His peace to them. Invite Him to come and comfort them and lift the burdens, trauma, and grief they may be carrying. Ask God to show you their little hearts, and who He made them to be.