Get out of Town

I was reminded the other day that sometimes intercessors need to get away for a few hours. We sometimes need to drive out of town for a change of spiritual scenery.

Of course, I often forget this wisdom in practice. I was on a particular intercessor assignment recently and became overwhelmed. I didn’t think about what might be causing this feeling. I just got in my car and drove to another location. After spending a few hours in the other place, I felt completely refreshed and ready to return to my assignment.


Often as intercessors we can feel oppressed by the enemy, especially when we are interceding for a situation that involves prayers to change the atmosphere – e.g., if someone has given us authority to pray over their home or land. We can also feel oppressed when interceding for situations in our church or community.

We know the enemy has critters assigned territorially. As intercessors, we often feel their oppression, even their assaults against us. Sometimes we just need to pick up and move out of their territory for a few hours of reprieve.

I used to serve as head intercessor of a church. We were also active in praying for the community. I often felt everything. I had my own prayer cover and so did the church. But sometimes, if you stay long enough, you just feel the oppression. So I used to leave the county sometimes just for a break.

I remember a friend texted me one evening, asking where I was. I told her I was two counties away, enjoying time at a bookstore. I live in a beautiful semi-rural county. Here I was, in the midst of Greater Atlanta, lost in the crowds.

My friend said, “That’s the place you chose to find peace?”

I replied, “Yes. Sometimes intercessors just need to get out of town.”

See, the territorial critters from my county couldn’t bother me there. The critters in that place didn’t know me. They left me alone. When I returned home, I felt refreshed and ready to go another round.

I do that every once in a while, just to get a break.

If you are an intercessor in your community, and you feel overwhelmed, see what crossing the county line will do. Maybe you will get a few hours’ reprieve and a chance to re-set and refresh.