Praying through Scary Moments

I was house sitting in the countryside. It was a big house on a hill in an isolated area of a mostly rural county. Except for the dog and the cat, I was alone.

I was relaxing on my day off when I looked out the window and saw a man walking around the property. Something about his demeanor seemed strange. He was very large with an intimidating build. His car was pulled to the side of the driveway and it looked a little beat up with out of state tags. He alternated between standing in the yard and walking around the house very slowly.

I hid in an inner room where he couldn’t see me but I could glance outside. My heart was pounding. What was I supposed to do? Should I stay hidden and hope he went away? That seemed the most logical thing to do except the longer he stayed, the more terrified I became. I wanted to open the door, ask him what he was doing and tell him to leave, but I didn’t dare let him know I was there.

I thought about sending the dog out but I didn’t want the dog to be hurt. I considered calling the sheriff but what if this was an innocent misunderstanding? I was house sitting, after all. The house owner was going through a lot of trauma and may have forgotten to tell me about someone coming by the house legitimately to work.

“God, please help me.” I prayed that over and over. I remembered stories about large angels showing up in human form to protect someone. “Now would be a good time to send them!”

My prayers were answered with a flash of wisdom. I called the neighbor. Asked if she knew of anyone coming by to work at the house, or if she could even see him out her window and recognize him. The neighbor said she would drive over and help me in getting the man to identify himself, or we would call the sheriff.

At that point, I looked out the window and he was gone.

I was able to breathe again, but now I was spooked. During the first few weeks in this house, I had felt completely safe, and now that sense of security was gone. What if the man came back? I felt very exposed, isolated, alone.

“I will say of the LORD, “He is my refuge and my fortress; my God, in Him I will trust” (Psalm 91:2 NKJV).

I sent a message asking several of my friends to pray: for protection with angelic guards, as well as a sense of security and peace. Fear has always been the enemy’s best weapon against me. Now I decided to face my fears and stand my ground. Why should I be afraid? I knew God was with me. I made a decision then and there not to let the enemy intimidate me.

My first instinct had been to ask the house owner to send in someone else and let me go home, where I felt safe. My second instinct was to stay, but be well hidden – draw the drapes during the day, stay where no one could see me, not go outside to play with the dog again. But I finally realized those sounded like tactics of the enemy. And here’s the thing about the enemy: he has already been defeated. I have the weapons of God: worship, prayer, power, love, sound mind, and standing my ground, clothed in God’s armor. He is my refuge. Why should I be afraid?

When I made that decision to stand, unafraid, I felt free. I had peace.

Shortly after that, the house owner called me, apologizing that she had forgotten to tell me about a man coming to cut down some trees. She described him and it was the man who had been walking around the house. I breathed a huge sigh of relief. Everything was fine.

I was still alone in a big house, on the top of a mountain, in an isolated part of a mostly rural county. But my sense of peace, security, and well-being was restored. I knew God had me, and now I probably had more angelic guards than before, in response to the cry of my heart, the prayers of my friends, and God’s goodness.

When I had called the neighbor and sent prayer requests to my friends, I admitted I felt like a wimp. I know I have fear issues and my friends know it too. But they all assured me I had done the right thing. One friend reminded me that prayer was important in bringing peace during scary moments. Often when we are afraid, we can’t find it in ourselves to pray more than, “Help!” Others can pray for us – especially others who know our personal fear issues, and others who know the reality of a single woman staying alone in an isolated location.

When you are afraid, pray. And even more importantly, ask others to pray for you and with you. Don’t hesitate, thinking, “I’m a wimp.” You are not a wimp. You are simply afraid. God is the answer to your fears. Invite Him with your prayers – and enlist the prayers of others to stand with you in faith.