God or Gadgets?

I love reading history. In the summertime I’m always drawn to the Pioneers and the Old West.

As I was reading the adventures of a wagon train, I wondered – Are we really so much better off now?

I read about a tornado that came up on the wagon train. Nowadays, I have electronic gadgets that can warn me when a tornado is coming. But what does that really do?

It’s still just me and the tornado – just as it was for the pioneers. They didn’t have a basement for shelter. Neither do I – my apartment is above a garage.

If my electronic gadgets tell me a tornado is coming, I still have to depend on God to bring me through it, just as the pioneers did. As it happened, in the story I was reading, the tornado turned without hitting the wagons. Some of the pioneers said they had been praying.

That’s exactly what I would do. It’s all I really could do.

Whether it’s encountering a bear in my neighborhood – a common occurrence in the north Georgia foothills – or dealing with an illness, I have to depend on God in the same way the pioneers did. Things go wrong; things break down; it sometimes seems the biggest result of technological progress is that we have more things to break down.

All I can do is rely on God. My gadgets don’t help me. In that way, I’m not all that different from my ancestors who were pioneers.

If it all comes down to relying on God for every breath (it does!), then I’d better stay closely connected to Him. Sure, I can call out to Him in a storm, and He will answer. But how much less stressful for me if I already have deep assurance that He is there?

How about you? Are you aware, every day, of your reliance on God for everything, in every situation? What can you do today to draw closer to Him, so you will feel His presence more deeply and take comfort in His peace?