Write from Your Heart

One of the first things I teach new writers is to write from your heart. How else will you get your heart on paper?

Growing up in school, we are often taught to edit as we write, and to always be thinking through our words. The problem is that our minds often filter out what’s in our hearts. You might have to re-learn how to put your mind on hold while you share your heart. Spiritually speaking, you allow your mind to rest in your heart. Children know this. Adults often struggle with it.

Apart from not wanting your mind to filter out your heart, in general I don’t recommend trying to edit as you write. These are two different processes. Ideally, they take place at different times and in different ways.

Writing comes first, from your heart. Just get your heart onto the paper. That is writing – it’s talking from your heart. Editing comes later, in layers. Through editing, you bring shape and texture to your words, and you enhance the hues that your heart has poured out there.

If you can picture someone making pottery, imagine the potter throwing clay on the wheel. That’s the first step – the clay has to be on the wheel for anything else to happen. That is writing.

Everything else that follows – shaping the clay, firing, painting, glazing – all of that is editing.

Write first. From your heart. Throw that clay on the wheel. Pour your heart out on paper and don’t stop until you’re done with that “moment.”

Editing comes later – one layer at a time.

Pray. Write. Share your heart. That’s where it all begins!