Writing Spiritual Legacies

As a writer, I have enjoyed helping people share their life stories. Often, these have taken the form of books that bring to life the testimonies of how God has worked in their lives during difficult times. My job has been to listen, ask questions, help the author shape his or her story, and then edit the finished book. Trusting Love by Donna Estes is one of several books I’ve had the privilege to assist with. I enjoyed meeting the author’s family and hearing her stories of faith and trust.

Life stories are a form of spiritual legacy. Many authors share life stories to bless others, and also to leave a legacy for their families. But there are other forms of spiritual legacies as well. My cousin, who loves music, made a pictorial-musical remembrance of her family legacy. A friend of mine is blogging the generational stories of her family,  sharing how family members and life moments have affected her spiritually.

Another way to share is simply to write a spiritual legacy. This can be one page or a booklet. It can even be a bullet point list or a collage. It represents spiritual wisdom, understanding, and experiences that you want to share with your children, grandchildren, and other young people with whom you have a mentoring relationship. A church school teacher, for example, could share a written spiritual legacy for a graduating class of students.

If you are hoping to write professionally or even as a volunteer, helping people write their spiritual legacies is one way to get involved. I would encourage you to search online and see different examples of how people are writing and sharing their spiritual legacies.

To help you get started, either in writing your own spiritual legacy or in helping others write theirs, I have created My Christian Spiritual Legacy Journal, a journal with 50 prompts to help you share your spiritual legacy with family and other loved ones.

A spiritual legacy might also take the form of generational blessings. As an inner healing minister, I spend a lot of time on prayers for generational healing, for myself and the people I pray with. Part of this process – beyond prayers for generational healing – includes researching my family history and discerning the generational blessings, as well as writing out the generational blessings as a legacy for the younger members of my family.

While this is a work in progress, some of this generational healing process is detailed in blog posts on my prayer website. If you have an interest in generational healing, perhaps this will encourage you:

Generational Prayer Blog

It is amazing to watch God at work in generational healing, and to watch the generational blessings begin to flow.


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