Bible Time for Them, Bible Time for You

As a Christian writer, you probably love spending time reading your Bible. Writers are attracted to words and books. The Bible is the ultimate book and the biblical words are filled with the life of the Holy Spirit. There is no other book like it. There are no other literal words of life.

The problem with being a writer is that when we read the Bible, we often start thinking about insights to share … in our blog, in a newsletter, in a book. We are so used to responding, in writing, to things that inspire us. And as Christian writers, we are so eager to share the Word of God.

But we have to be careful. We can’t give away our Bible time for the sake of what we write. We need that time for our own spiritual growth. That is our time to be alone with God.

This takes discipline. Set aside a certain time each week (or month) to read the Bible as part of your writing projects. Then set aside other times (much more frequently) to read the Bible just between you and God.

During your personal Bible time, keep a “writer’s notepad” nearby, separate from what you might use for your own personal growth.  If ideas come up that you would like to share as a writer, quickly jot them down in just a few words on that separate notepad. Then let them go and move back into your personal Bible time.

Your personal time with God in His Word is not only vital to your spiritual well being. It will also strengthen you as a Christian writer. You will be surprised at the insights that will come to you while writing. These are rooted in the spiritual formation that takes place when you spend that private Bible time with God.

Read God’s Word. Love His Word. Write about His Word. And most importantly, immerse yourself in His Word – just for you.

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