A Pigeon of Peace

I was about to receive prayer ministry. God was stirring up "something." The past few months have been rough. I've barely held it together. I had to take time off to avert a crisis. Then I got sick. During this time, I felt my workload increasing while I barely had enough energy to breathe. I had to … Continue reading A Pigeon of Peace

It’s So Much Easier to Trust Him

One more thought regarding what I shared the past two days, about trusting God for the words of a talk I was asked to give. After the talk was over, I was hit with a wave of exhaustion. I had wasted so much energy being nervous and wondering if God would be there for me. … Continue reading It’s So Much Easier to Trust Him

Depending on God for Every Word

I gave a talk yesterday. I’ve always enjoyed giving talks and the idea doesn’t make me nervous. Many other things make me nervous, but not giving talks. However, in the past I’ve always written at least an outline of what I’m going to say. I’m not very good at reading a paper, so I don’t … Continue reading Depending on God for Every Word