Biblical Hebrew: 3 More Words from Joseph’s Story

I hope you have enjoyed spending time with Joseph’s story this past week. Here, you can review the 5 Hebrew words we learned in the previous lesson about Joseph. As a reminder, Joseph’s story begins with Genesis 37. While we still have Joseph on our hearts, let’s learn three more words in biblical Hebrew. Continue reading “Biblical Hebrew: 3 More Words from Joseph’s Story”

Joseph’s Story: 5 Biblical Hebrew Words

As you are learning to read biblical Hebrew, you might find it helpful to focus on a Bible story. Stories often repeat key words. The vivid action, setting, and dialogue of stories help you to memorize words. Perhaps the biggest plus (at least, it was for me) is that you already know how the story goes. So it’s easier to piece the Hebrew words together.

Today, let’s learn (or review) five words found in the story of Joseph. This story begins in Genesis 37. Continue reading “Joseph’s Story: 5 Biblical Hebrew Words”