By His Wounds

Isaiah 53

We were preparing for worship this morning. Finished practicing the music and were talking about a song for tomorrow – “By His Wounds.” Our worship leader decided to pull up the video on YouTube. It hit so powerfully that she felt the Spirit leading us to show the video before worship. As I watched my Savior taking the beating that would end my sin, my destruction, my death and give me eternal life, I felt His presence over me. I’m going this afternoon for a medical test; I don’t know how it will turn out, but I do know that the Lord has already healed me. I felt Jesus kneeling before me, placing His hand over the wounded part of my body, as He took my beating on His back. While His flesh was ripped apart, He looked at me with eyes of love and thanked the Father for my healing, my restoration, my wholeness. I felt that by His wounds, my wounded “part” was being re-grown in newness of life. “Father, this is My beloved sister that You’ve given to Me. Thank You for making her whole. She is precious.” Worship was powerful today. Jesus is our mighty Lord and Savior, Redeemer, and the One who brings wholeness and new life.