God’s “To Do” List

How many times do we try to take on God’s work for Him? There are all these “impossible” things that need doing, and we know only God can do them. He doesn’t need our help. He just wants our faithfulness and obedience in what He asks of us each day. Yet how many times do we still try to do the things He’s said, “Leave to Me”?

I was thinking tonight about the things I keep trying to put on my “to do” list that are actually things only God can do. I compared those “big” things with the things He’s asked me to do. Any time I spend thinking about the “big” things is time I don’t spend doing the things He’s asked.

Suddenly I got this idea: I opened the little notebook where I keep my “to do” lists and at the top of one of the pages, I wrote “God’s To Do List.” On that page, I wrote down every huge, “impossible,” completely out of my reach thing that I “need” but that I can’t possibly do. It looks something like this:

God’s “To Do” List

Find Janet a place to live
Take care of Janet’s family
Pay Janet’s medical bills
Provide for Janet to go to seminary
Heal Janet’s body

My own “to do” list looks quite different:

Janet’s “To Do” List

Read my Bible
Write the kids’ study that I feel God’s leading me to write
Make prayer bracelets
Rest, so I can recover from my surgery and get back to teaching the kids at Eagle Ranch

What a difference between those two lists! And what a huge weight fell off of me as I wrote God’s list and gave it all to Him!

The truth is, if I applied for the job of handling the things on His “to do” list – there is no way I could ever qualify. And praise God … I don’t have to!

Thank You, Lord, for this revelation – and for being our Everything!!!