The Prayer Garage

I guess it was about 9 months ago, I saw this crazy vision of having a “prayer garage” at our church. What is a prayer garage? Well, when we moved into our new church building (actually a very old building), it has a little brick “house” with a garage. I got this vision of the garage becoming a prayer/worship space open to the community.

I started talking to folks at the church … many of us were getting the same vision, which to me meant that it had to be from God. When the youth started getting the same vision, that was confirmation enough for me. I began to ask about moving this forward.

We had to wait until various renovation projects were completed, because the garage was used as a storage space. Now the garage is in the final stages of being cleaned out! A little sheetrock is all we need, and we’re going to give the youth some paint and let them create the vision the Lord has given them.

I’m overwhelmed at how well this has all come together, and how many people in the church have caught the vision and offered to help, including donations of couches, rugs, lamps that were offered the minute we put out the word. Wood carvings made specially for this space. Help with cleaning and heavy lifting. It takes a whole church to get behind an undertaking like this. It’s been an awesome experience.

I can’t wait to see what God will do with this space. It’s tiny, it’s old, it’s beat up, it’s “weird” … but the King of all creation came into this world, born in a little cave, probably not unlike the space of this garage. It’s the kind of unlikely place where God loves to work. I’m humbled to watch it take shape.