Why does God give us free will? Doesn’t it seem like free will that’s messed us the most, that causes all our struggle and grief? Why would a loving God allow us to get so screwed up by giving us the power of making our own choices?

Here’s the way I explain it to the kids I teach, and it works for me.

If I offered to give you your favorite pet, which would you rather have? A battery-operated, remote-controlled robot pet? Or a real one?

Even the kids who love robots say they’d rather have a real pet. I ask them why, and they say, “Because the real pet will love you.”

That’s why God gives us free will. He could have made a bunch of robot people. He doesn’t want that. He wants real people. He wants relationship. He wants love. And He wants to give love.

Is it worth all the struggle and grief … to be real? To be in a real relationship with our Creator, who is also our Father? Is it worth it … to love and to be loved?

To me it is.