Enough for Today

God gives you what you need for this day, including wisdom, understanding, growth, knowledge, healing, preparation, rest … and the daily step in His plan for your future.

Where do you need God’s wisdom, light, provision, guidance today?

What do you most want to ask Him today?

Listen for His answer and write down what He tells and shows you – remember, when He speaks, His words always line up with His Word. Be discerning to distinguish His voice from yours, His voice from the enemy’s.

What does He want to provide for you in the thing you’ve asked Him about … today? in this hour? Write it out in detail, each new step, and thank Him for it. Don’t worry what to do with it, or what comes next. It’s everything you need for today.

Tomorrow, ask Him again.

The Lord will respond deeply in love to your obedience, surrender, thankfulness, and trust.

Thank You, Lord, for giving me everything I need for today.