God Knows How to Stretch Us

I have a friend that, one of the many things I admire about her is the ability to walk up to a total stranger and start a conversation. I don’t have that ability. I’ve asked God for that ability. I’m terrified of what He’ll do as He answers that prayer!

However, my experience has been that God doesn’t put us out of our comfort zones quite as uncomfortably as we anticipate. I remember the first time I was invited to be on a team to share prophetic words with people at a retreat. That was during my first prayer ministry internship. I was terrified! It was a big stretch for me, but I had asked God to stretch me and was willing to submit. So what did He do? In His love, He placed me on a team with someone who was very kind, very seasoned in prophetic, and who allowed me to stretch but in a very encouraging way. God Himself gave me the words initially as pictures, which I was already used to, and then He and she showed me how to turn those pictures into words. It was an incredible experience. He helped me stretch way out … but in a way that I could actually follow Him and do what He asked.

It’s been the same with asking Him to help me talk to others, to people I don’t know or know well. I told Him from the beginning, “God, I want to do this, but I don’t know how. I’ve never been taught.”

He said, “I’ll teach you. I’ll show you.” And He has!

Over the past few weeks, He has nudged me, “Go say this to this person.” “Go do that for that person.” My heart thumps each time. Yet every single time, whatever specific thing He’s given me to say or do, it is received so well. You would think I had made that person’s day by that one small word or gesture. Of course, it wasn’t me that made their day. It was God, who knew very well what would lift them up at that moment, or what would draw their attention to Him and the fact that He noticed them.

So yes, it was new and scary and wonderful all at the same time. My heart fluttered each time, but He kept it short and simple, things I could actually do with His leading. I know it will grow from here, and at some point it may be bigger and scarier things He calls me to do and say. But He’s building a foundation I never had. He knows how to build … one layer at a time. He also knows how to make the foundation secure.

When He offers to stretch us … He really does know how. All we have to do is trust.