Meltdown Monday

Happy Monday! I had a meltdown today. I woke up this morning, feeling a little overwhelmed. I have finally found some balance and some downtime in my schedule … and then something unexpected came up over the weekend. So I woke up a little flustered. I was away from my house the past two days, so this morning I was ready to return home and spend a quiet day in God’s presence and doing some of the things that settle my spirit, like praying in the Spirit, practicing His presence, meditating on Scripture, writing, etc.

I got home, only to realize I’d left my computer at the office yesterday. I got in my car to head into town … and my car wouldn’t start. That was the bean that tipped the pot. I had a meltdown. Fortunately my meltdowns are getting shorter … only 10 minutes this time. Got grabbed a hold of me and reminded me of Who He is. Instead of frantically asking Him, “What am I supposed to do?” I started asking, “Lord, what is Your plan?” Because I realized He had one. My car not starting was a surprise to me, but not to Him.

I tried to take a few steps but He quickly outpaced me! Thank God! He moved into gear. He set up a plan that would get my car into good hands. He took care of what turned out to be a simple problem (only the appearance was worse, courtesy of the vindictive enemy of our souls). God quickly surrounded me with loving and resourceful people to help. He reminded me I’m not alone and don’t live by the old “worldly” rules anymore. He also quickly got me back home where I needed to be, so I could spend my quiet time with Him.

God was my hero today. He is my hero every day. He always has the best plan and nothing catches Him off guard. I am grateful to Him that even in my meltdown, His voice got through and He told me to stop and listen to what He had to say. Thank You, God. It is a Happy Monday because of Him.