Too Stretched to Write

I created this category of my blog to write about my journey during this year that I asked God to stretch me. He stretched me so much that I couldn’t write anymore. It was a difficult summer. I wouldn’t repeat it for anything; but I wouldn’t miss the growth and the closeness with God, either. He always knows what He’s doing.

As a writer, I’m torn. Should I talk about the summer or just pick up where I am now? I’ll probably do both.

For now, I’ll say that this difficult summer began when my sweet little cat, Crickett, got sick. She died in June. I still miss her. I’ll be driving down the road, and all of a sudden she pops into my heart and I start crying. That’s normal grieving – which is a good change for me, since I had experienced loss since I was 2 but didn’t learn to grieve until I was 42. But it’s sad. I miss her terribly. I know she’s with Jesus and I know she’s running around like a kitten. But I miss her. She was an amazing companion for 20 ½ years.