Help Is Here!

I guess I will talk some about the summer. There were many lessons to learn and it’s good to reflect.

On June 30 it was 105 degrees. I had to move out of two places (that story is too long to share) and into one, and the AC in my new place chose that day to die. I had been in the process of cleaning and packing and moving for a week – the same week my cat died – and it was down to the wire. There were, of course, unforeseen complications in the moving process. I couldn’t get the job done.

That’s when God reminded me: it’s okay to ask for help. I made impossible requests of people and they responded with such grace! I even asked someone to oversee my mental health that day. What a sacrifice! I was reminded that it really does take the whole Body of Christ to keep each other going through the trials. By the end of the day, everything that needed to happen was done, and I was a greasy spot. But I survived.

I hope I will look back on that day the next time a trial comes my way. I hope I will remember how powerful God was, and how awesome was the response of the Body of Christ.