When It Hurts to Obey

It was hard to lose Crickett, so I thought that getting some kittens would help. They were adorable but they weren’t mine to keep. God knew best.

After I had the kittens for a week, God made it very clear to me, through a number of circumstances, that I was to find a new home for them.

I sulked, pouted, screamed, rebelled … I even planned my great escape, with me and the kittens hitting the road and finding a new life. In my anger, I told God, “You and me? We’re done!”

Thank God that He knows our hearts and doesn’t just listen to our words.

He met my heart, in the midst of all my pain. He helped me see that His plan was best … for the kittens and for me. He found them a wonderful home. And He placed me in the home He had handpicked for me. I look back every day and thank Him for being right and for being relentless. I thank Him for helping me obey Him, when everything in me wanted to rebel.

I spent the worst week of my life in agony over those kittens, and the way God was leading me to let go of them. It was crushing … but I wasn’t crushed. In the darkness, I couldn’t see my way through it; I thought I would be locked in grief the rest of my life. Yet here I am, on the other side … happy, peaceful, blessed. Only God could make that happen.