Selling My Birthright

After the crisis with the kittens was over, I thought about that moment when I said to God, “We’re done.” He knew it was the hurt talking. But I was devastated that I said it.

I told a friend, “I can’t believe I was willing to give up everything I have with God for a couple of kittens.”

She nodded. “Or for a bowl of soup.”

That sent me reeling.

How many times have we heard the story of Esau and Jacob in Genesis 25:29-34. Esau sold his birthright to Jacob, his entire inheritance, for a bowl of soup. We hear that story and we ask, “How in the world could he have done that?”

Yet here I was, in the throes of anger and pain, willing to sell my birthright for two kittens.

We have a God filled with grace. We have a God who pursues us. We have a God who doesn’t give up on us. We have a God who understands the worst things we say and feel.

My blood runs cold when I think what I tried to give away. My heart weeps when I see His wide open arms, calling me back to Him.

Whatever stands between you and God this day, ask Him to help you take it from you, so you can be reconciled to Him through Christ our Savior. The alternative is frightening, and it’s just not worth it. Don’t throw away the blessing of relationship with Him. It’s the greatest gift there is, and it was bought for you at too great a price. Don’t miss it.