Last week I talked about some of what happened over the summer. I’d like to start this week in the present. Where is God working in my heart right now? He is helping me recognize the ways I haven’t been abiding with Him. I’ve been busy lately – busier than I should be. I’ve compromised and worked when I should’ve been resting. I haven’t been sleeping well either. My body has forgotten how to rest.

The work I do is in ministry. This doesn’t always mean sitting at a desk or in an office. Yet through much of my professional adult life, that’s exactly what I did. Not always. I worked as a university lecturer, and that work took me into the field, so to speak, and involved traveling and attending civic functions and mentoring students. But my corporate work was always at a desk in an office.

The Lord showed me I’m still doing that by rote. The work I do now doesn’t warrant it. Some days I need to be in the office. Some days I need to be at the desk, doing administrative work. Other days, I need to be resting. Out visiting people. Spending quiet time with God. Refreshing my spirit. Praying. Worshiping. Writing. My job is to minister to God’s heart in any way He asks.

I’ve chained myself to a desk all summer. I’ve missed a lot of what the Lord has offered. This is a new season – a season of preparation for what’s coming next. It’s a season where I’m finally asking the Lord to help me “Abide.”