It’s So Much Easier to Trust Him

One more thought regarding what I shared the past two days, about trusting God for the words of a talk I was asked to give. After the talk was over, I was hit with a wave of exhaustion. I had wasted so much energy being nervous and wondering if God would be there for me.

My first thought, after the talk was over, was this: Why did I waste so much energy! I got all worked up and spend an entire 24 hours locked in fear. The talk was over in 20 minutes. God did all the work. And I was left feeling exhausted!

There’s a lesson here. It’s one that I should know very well already, having walked in fear my whole life. The lesson is this: Fear is such a waste of energy and effort. Why would I spend so much time entertaining fear, instead of just trusting and resting in the Lord and enjoying the challenges He brings me to?

I hope the next trip around this particular mountain, I will be able to enjoy the ride, and I hope that mountain will be done.