Perfect Peace

I recently was thrilled at the opportunity to hold a very young baby and rock her to sleep. In that moment, I learned something about how God sees us, and how we fight the rest He offers us.

The baby was so tired and it was so obvious she needed to sleep and even wanted to sleep. But it was as if she was afraid she’d miss something, so she fought it.

Soon enough, she was overcome with sleep. Her eyelids closed. She popped them open for an instant, and then they closed again and she drifted into sleep.

It was the most perfect rest I’ve ever seen, and a place where I would like to be with God.

He offers us to rest with Him – in all that we do, not just in the quiet times. Why do we fight it? Why can’t we just close our carnal eyes, and let ourselves slip into a sweet place of resting in His Spirit?

The baby looked so peaceful and comfortable in that place of perfect peace. I want that for my life too!