Wet Blanket from the Enemy

I’m starting to learn that it’s not always me who causes my own emotional struggles. For several years, I’ve walked through inner healing and learned to identify the things I’ve done in my life to bring emotional consequences. I’ve been healed in many areas and still have much more healing ahead of me (we all do, all but Jesus). However, I’m starting to learn that I don’t always have to assume that something I feel was caused by me.

Last weekend, I felt an oppressive “wet blanket” of heaviness covering me. I felt helpless and sad. My passion for everything, even life, was gone … for no apparent reason.

Yet as I talked and prayed with folks, I began to realize this wasn’t the result of anything I had (or hadn’t) done. It was simply the enemy. I was about to give a talk on how God had healed me. So of course, the enemy didn’t want me to believe I was really healed. He threw a wet blanket of heaviness over me, and it affected me emotionally, mentally and even physically – I simply didn’t want to do anything but sit and start into space.

Once I realized what the enemy was doing, I was able to pray through it, with help from my friends. The heaviness lifted, and I was back to normal.

It hit me the way a quick storm moves through an area. Everything gets black, but then the storm quickly passes, and everything is back to normal, as if nothing had been disturbed. In fact, things seem brighter and shinier than before.