Can’t Out-Give God

I want to share what God is teaching me about giving. Hopefully you know my heart in why I’m sharing this – it has nothing to do with me, it has to do only with GOD, and how awesome He is.. Last week God prompted me to make a donation for His purposes. I myself am the grateful recipient of donations, so I don’t have “extra” money, per se (although let’s be honest, I live in America, I have a roof over my head, food in my stomach, clean water, a car, and a free clinic in my community, so in God’s economy, I have plenty to share when so many others don’t have these things I take for granted).

God has taught me over the years to tithe, so I have, and He has always provided and blessed above and beyond.

God was very clear on prompting this gift, which was above and beyond a tithe. So I gave. Five days later, someone who knew nothing about it walked up and handed me the same amount. Same thing happened two days ago. God asked me to give again, so I did. I received the same amount back. And again, yesterday … At His prompting, another gift, and today I received the same amount, from someone who knew nothing about this.

There are several things I’m learning here:

1. We can’t out-give God. It seems no matter how much I give this amount away, it keeps coming back.

2. Malachi 3:10 is true. Please read it … and listen for what it tells you about God’s heart.

3. We have to be prayerful and sure we’re hearing from God on our giving, and not the enemy or our own minds. There have been times I’ve given when it was not God’s best, and the consequences were disastrous for the recipient (that’s called enabling). I’m super careful to ask Him now, and to be prayerful.

4. There are spiritual principles at work. It might seem like just the same dollar bills floating around – someone gives to me, I give to someone, they give to someone, it comes back to me. But it’s more than just dollars. It’s spiritual sowing of seeds, which brings increase (like from a seed we get a fruit tree). How ever many hands God passes that dollar bill through, if it’s being given at His direction to sow into His Kingdom, there will be an increase of blessings, both directions, each time.

5. The widow’s mite is a powerful gift. I’ve seen people who have very little give 25 cents in faith, and watched the fruit that grew out of that gift, and how God tended and grew the fruit, and took care of the giver as well. No gift is too small. And no gift is too big. We simply can’t out-give God.

I am grateful, as He grows His beautiful fruit trees in each of our precious lives, families and communities, that He gives each of us a handful of tiny seeds, lets us help in His gardening, and lets us watch the beautiful orchard that springs up all around us, blessing so many.

Thanks, God, for letting us be a part of YOUR life.