Someone Talked to Them

I’m continuing to research my ancestors. Tonight I added a few records and one was a census ledger listing the name of a great uncle I never met or even knew about, along with his wife. They lived in Alabama, along with much of the rest of my family at that time. There’s something amazing about seeing their names written on a ledger. Someone was sitting there, talking to them, taking down their information. It makes them seem real to me.

Of course, I know they were real. But until now, as I pray through generational healing, to break curses, to loose blessings, when I think of my ancestors, it’s more of an idea than a recognition of real people. Some people I know about, or I’ve long heard about from family members. They are clear in my mind, even if I don’t know much about them or their lives. But the others have always been rather nebulous … as I would fully expect to be myself, if uncovered some day by a distant descendent.

But something about seeing their names on the ledger … A clearer image comes to mind. Just a person, sitting there, talking to someone who jots down their information. Waiting to get this meeting over with so they can get on with their day. Loving their family. Working hard. Uncertain about some things in life; very certain about others. Dreaming of the future … or worrying about the future. Wondering what the next day will bring. Taking time in the evening to reflect. Maybe talking to God?

I don’t know how these individuals lived their lives. But now I know their names. And I’ve seen a ledger where another person – just as real as they were – wrote their names. There’s a connection. I can think about them. I can wonder what their lives were like. I can thank God for them. And I can pray that their legacy, and the blessings God poured into them every day of their lives will continue to flow through my family line, to all those who were meant to receive and walk in these blessings, even today.

Thanks, God.