Back in Kindergarten, with God

Walking with God is a lot like being in kindergarten. Do you remember kindergarten? Amazingly, I do. Not every minute of every day. But overall, I still remember the feeling.

There were so many cool and fun things there. Lots of discoveries to be made. You would show up each day, after someone helped you get ready, get fed, get there on time, more or less. You’d wear some cute outfit, and show up, ready for who knew what. You never knew what to expect.

Some days it was lots of fun. Some days were harder, sometimes even scary. You didn’t know if you could really do what the teachers asked you to do, but hopefully they helped you. And you got to hang out with your classmates, who were always interesting. They had lots of stuff to say, whether it made sense or not.

You got to run and play. Learn a couple exercises in a workbook. Start getting a real basic sense of how the world around you worked. Started learning how to learn. And did I mention, you got to run and play? What an adventure!

You never knew what was coming next. You just showed up, and somehow trusted that people would help you navigate your day. You enjoyed the fun stuff and worked through the hard stuff. And you showed up day after day, to see what would come next.

That’s how I feel every day with God. And He is better than the best kindergarten teacher I ever had. He’s really smart. Kind, compassionate, helpful. Fun. Adventurous. And He sees me for who I can become. He wants to guide me in that direction, while helping me through the hard stuff and making learning fun.

I never know what to expect. But I always know it will be good. And there’s lots of cool classmates around me to share those fun and challenging times with. All in all, a pretty good deal. Thanks, God, for these kindergarten days. I love spending this time with You.